Revised Recruitment Rules for 6980 Vacancies Released by NVS

By | June 25, 2023

The Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) has announced the introduction of updated recruitment standards for a whopping 6980 teaching and non-teaching positions. This substantial advancement by NVS intends to streamline the recruitment process while maintaining transparency and efficiency. As the anticipation for impending vacancies grows, candidates must become acquainted with the new norms and regulations controlling the selection process.

NVS New Recruitment Rules

NVS’s recently issued recruitment criteria are poised to change the way openings are filled inside the organization. By implementing these rules, NVS intends to create a standardized process that is fair, transparent, and efficient. These criteria will apply to all future NVS openings, establishing a consistent approach across the organization.

NVS Revised Recruitment Rules for Higher Posts

In addition to the general recruitment rules, NVS has also unveiled specific guidelines for higher posts such as Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, and Commissioner. NVS will rigorously monitor, supervise, and certify the selection process for these prestigious posts. A senior Selection Board will be responsible for forming a committee to oversee the recruitment of NVS Higher Post positions. Ultimately, the NVS Commissioner will make the final judgement on candidate selection.

To gain a better understanding of the specific rules and guidelines governing these higher positions, interested candidates are advised to refer to the official NVS website for detailed information.

NVS Revised Recruitment Rules for Higher Posts.

NVS Vacancy

NVS has made adjustments to the JNV Cadre Post, which comprises posts such as PGT-Computer Science, Physical Education, MIL, TGT-Computer Science, Arts, Physical Education, and others, under the amended recruitment standards, Music, Staff Nurse, Office Superintendent, Catering Supervisor, Electrical cum Plumber, and Mess Helper. Notably, the TGT Computer Science designation has been separated from PGT, while PET and Music teachers will now be referred to as TGT.

In addition, NVS has published recruitment guidelines for 11 non-teaching positions in the Hqrs./RO cadre. These regulations lay out detailed restrictions and requirements for applicants interested in these roles, ensuring that competent and capable personnel are chosen to carry out the organization’s purpose of providing quality education to deserving pupils.

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Comprehensive Framework

The NVS revised recruitment rules encompass a comprehensive framework that outlines the entire selection process. These rules define the eligibility criteria, required qualifications, necessary experience, and other essential aspects that candidates must fulfill to be considered for the advertised positions. By adhering to these rules, NVS aims to attract individuals who possess the necessary skills and qualifications to contribute to the organization’s mission.

Candidates who aspire to apply for NVS vacancies are strongly encouraged to carefully study the revised recruitment rules. It is vital to understand the specific requirements for each position, including educational qualifications, age limits, and relevant experience. By doing so, candidates can assess their eligibility and determine if they are suitable for the advertised roles. Thoroughly reviewing the rules will also ensure that candidates are well-prepared for the application process and can showcase their suitability for the positions they are interested in.


In conclusion, NVS has taken a significant step forward by releasing revised recruitment rules for 6980 vacancies in teaching and non-teaching positions. These rules are intended to create a transparent and efficient selection process that ensures deserving candidates are picked for the advertised positions. Candidates must become acquainted with the updated rules, as they contain critical information about eligibility criteria and requirements. By understanding these rules, aspiring applicants can assess their suitability and increase their chances of securing a position within NVS.


How can I access the revised recruitment rules by NVS?

The amended recruitment rules are available on the NVS website. They are typically available in the “Recruitment” or “Career” section.

Are the revised rules applicable to all future vacancies within NVS?

Yes, the amended recruitment rules apply to all upcoming NVS positions.The aim is to maintain consistency and standardize the selection process across the organization.

What are the changes made to the TGT designations under the new rules?

Under the new rules, the TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) designation has undergone changes. TGT Computer Science is now distinct from PGT (Post Graduate Teacher), and PET (Physical Education Teacher) and Music teachers are now referred to as TGT.

Who has the final authority in the selection process for higher posts in NVS?

The NVS Commissioner has the last say in the selection process for higher-level positions within NVS. They play an important part in making the final decision on who will be chosen for these prestigious posts.

What should candidates do to assess their eligibility for NVS vacancies?

Candidates should carefully study the revised recruitment rules and guidelines provided by NVS for each specific position. They must thoroughly review the eligibility criteria, educational qualifications, age limits, and any other relevant requirements mentioned in the rules. By doing so, candidates can assess their own eligibility and determine if they meet the necessary qualifications to apply for the advertised roles.

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