How To Apply for JKPC Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

By | August 30, 2023

Therefore, all such candidates who desire to get themselves registered as Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 (Section 32C) and possess the requisite eligibility (Medical Assistant/ Pharmacist) in terms of the notification reproduced above are advised to submit their application through Online portal under our official website link: w.e.f. 01.09.2023, along with supportive documents as per below checklist’s Let’s delve into the process:

Step 1: Gather the Required Documents

Before you begin the application process, ensure you have the necessary documents in hand:

No.Required Document
01.10 Matriculation Date of birth certificate (Secondary School Certificate)
02.10+2 Certificate (Senior Secondary School Certificate).
03.Diploma in Medical Assistant/Pharmacist course.
1st year & 2nd year Mark sheets.
04.Retirement Order copy (for retired individuals)
05.Serving Order copy (for currently employed individuals)
06.identity Slip with signature &seal of the Principal/ Gazetted Officer/Officer
07.Approval Order of J&K Para Medical Council (institution approval)
08.Registration certificate from J&K Para Medical Council (under the Act, 2014)
09.Aadhar Card details
10.Suggestive Address Proof (copy of)
11.Identity Proof (Copy of)
12.One Passport Size Photograph with White Background
13.Email ID
15.Personal Account details
16.Rs. 3,000/- + GST through IPC for applicants who passed their eligibility as Medical Assistant/Pharmacists within the U.T. of J&K
17.Rs. 3,500/- + GST through IPC for applicants who passed their eligibility as Medical Assistant/Pharmacists outside the U.T. of J&K
18.Affidavit duly attested by 1st Class Judicial Magistrate as per the prescribed format
19.Website link

Download Character Certificate Format

Download Affidavit Format

Step 2: Visit the Official Website

Access the official website of JKPC:

Direct Link For Apply: INACTIVE (Registration Process Starts from September 1st)

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Step 3: Start the Application Process

  1. Fill in your personal details as required, including your name, contact details, and educational background.
  2. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents. Ensure all uploads are clear and legible.

Step 4: Payment

  1. Proceed to the payment section and pay the applicable fee online using the Integrated Payment Gateway (IPG).
  2. The fee is Rs. 3,000/- + GST for applicants who meet the eligibility criteria within the U.T. of J&K.
  3. The fee is Rs. 3,500/- + GST for applicants meeting the eligibility criteria within the U.T. of J&K, accompanied by an attested Affidavit.

Step 5: Document Verification and Authentication

  1. Each application will undergo thorough authentication and verification of eligibility documents.
  2. No physical interface is involved in this online process.

Step 6: E-Certificate Generation

  1. Once the verification process is complete, an e-certificate will be automatically generated.
  2. This e-certificate serves as proof of your registration with JKPC.

Step 7: Technical Assistance

If you encounter any technical difficulties during the process, don’t hesitate to contact the helpline numbers: 0191-2536043, 0194-2501687, M: 94191-83657.

Official Notification

What is the fee structure for JKPC registration?

The fee varies based on eligibility criteria:Rs. 3,000/- + GST for applicants meeting eligibility criteria within the U.T. of J&K.
Rs. 3,500/- + GST for applicants meeting eligibility criteria within the U.T. of J&K with an attested affidavit.

How can I apply for JKPC registration?

You can apply for JKPC registration by visiting the official website ( and filling in the required personal details, uploading necessary documents, making the payment, and undergoing the verification process.

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