Bihar Girl Daksha Singh: A Shining Star with 100 Percentile in CUET UG, Aims to Crack UPSC

By | July 20, 2023

Daksha Shrestha Singh from Bihar’s Patna has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a perfect 100 percentile in three subjects in the CUET UG exam. Her outstanding achievements include 100 percentile scores in political science, history, and economics, along with an impressive 199.647 percentile in English. This 18-year-old prodigy’s extraordinary success is not only a testament to her dedication and hard work but also a reflection of her deep-rooted passion for the English language and her desire to excel academically. Daksha’s ambitious aspirations extend beyond this achievement, as she sets her sights on cracking the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination in the future.

A Strong Connection with English

Ever since her childhood, Daksha has been an avid reader, immersing herself in the world of literature and language. Her love for English has grown with each passing year, enabling her to develop a profound connection with the subject. This bond with English has not only been instrumental in her academic success but has also paved the way for a potential career in research in the field of English language and literature.

Dreaming of Delhi University’s Miranda House

Daksha’s stellar academic record has opened doors to some of the finest educational institutions in the country. Her first choice is Delhi University’s esteemed Miranda House, known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life. The renowned faculty and their impressive qualifications, coupled with insightful interactions with senior students from Miranda House, have further solidified Daksha’s conviction that pursuing English Literature at this institution is the ideal path for her academic growth. Additionally, the fact that her mother is an alumnus of the college adds a sentimental connection to her choice.

Acknowledging Her Mother’s Role

Daksha attributes a significant portion of her success to her mother, who happens to be an English language teacher at a private school. Her mother’s guidance and expertise have been invaluable in shaping Daksha’s linguistic abilities and preparing her for academic challenges. The unwavering support and mentorship provided by her mother have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Daksha’s outstanding academic achievements.

Academic Excellence in Schooling

Daksha completed her schooling at St Joseph’s Convent High School, where she was an ICSE board student. Her exceptional performance in the ISC Class 12th board examination, with an impressive score of 97.25 percent, showcases her consistency and dedication to excelling in academics. During her preparations, she relied on NCERT textbooks and the class 12th examination pattern, abstaining from referring to any other study materials, and instead focused on mastering the basics of English through diligent practice.

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The CUET UG Experience

Sharing her insights into the CUET UG paper analysis with, Daksha revealed that the paper mainly consisted of questions directly sourced from NCERT textbooks. For subjects like political science, macroeconomics, and microeconomics, she diligently prepared by revising the chapters multiple times, solving mock tests daily, and practicing numerical problems and graphs. For Indian economic development, she paid special attention to historical data and dates, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Ambitious Goals

While Daksha’s outstanding performance in the CUET UG exam is a significant milestone, she has her eyes set on an even grander ambition – cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). With a determination fueled by her passion for English and the desire to make a positive impact on society, Daksha is committed to rigorous preparation and coaching from Career Launcher to achieve her goal of becoming a civil servant.


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Daksha Shrestha Singh’s journey from Bihar’s Patna to securing 100 percentile in the CUET UG exam is nothing short of remarkable. Her love for the English language, coupled with her academic excellence and ambitious dreams, sets her on a path of tremendous potential and promise. As she embarks on her academic journey at Delhi University’s Miranda House or her second preference, Lady Shri Ram College, she is well-equipped to shine brightly in the field of English literature and beyond. Daksha’s story is an inspiration to aspiring students and a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and unwavering support from her family.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Daksha Singh’s notable achievements in the CUET UG exam?

Daksha secured a perfect 100 percentile in political science, history, and economics, along with an impressive 199.647 percentile in English.

Why did Daksha choose English Literature as her academic pursuit?

Daksha’s deep love for the English language and literature, fostered since childhood, inspired her to pursue a career in researching the subject and academic excellence in English.

What are Daksha’s top choices for further studies?

Her first preference is Delhi University’s esteemed Miranda House, and Lady Shri Ram College is her second choice.

Who does Daksha credit for her academic success?

Daksha acknowledges her mother, an English language teacher, for her unwavering support and guidance that significantly contributed to her achievements.

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